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Manage your Health





Personal Health Records that you own.

Everyone is empowered to boost outcomes.

Who uses health records

myLifeLog is a great complement to any organization that needs its members to track their health and wellness including:



myLifeLog gives members all the tools they need to enter, manage, and control their data.


  • Comprehensive past medical histories

  • Smart phone access for first responders

  • Medical Access Card

  • Alerts and Reminders

  • Patient data entry

  • and many others

 and your needs are different. 
Personalized medicine just got more personal
 because you are different, 


"myLifeLog is a game changer."


J. Smith, MD, interventional cardiologist


"myLifeLog is an excellent enhancement to our electronic records."


A. Natale, MD, electrophysiologist

"myLifeLog gives me peace of mind knowing that current and detailed information on my condition is instantly available to medical personnel." 


Deborah B., Louisiana


 "I love the Emergency Access Card. It gives me peace of mind when I am traveling, especially when I'm out of the country."


John K., New York

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