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Our philosophy is simple.

We give doctors and patients the right tools so they can take manage their health.

Patients. Not Paperwork.


We give doctors more time to spend with patients on physical exams and meaningful conversations. Not paperwork. Designed by doctors, our reports give doctors everything they need to follow their patient’s health status.

Empowering Individuals.

By maintaining their own health records, patients can track their health at any time. It’s well known that when you’re able to see your health progress you’re more likely to achieve your goals. It’s all about empowering you to achieve dynamic health.


Precision Medicine.

In many ways the collective information of all of us will help doctors personalize medicine for each of us. As doctors see subtle differences in responses to medications, procedures and treatments among their patients, our charts and reports will help them understand why these differences exist and what might be causing them. Who knows what they'll discover?

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