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March 3, 2015


ScienceDaily recently reported on statistical trends from a Dutch study that showed how two out of three severely obese children already had at least one risk factor for heart disease including high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels or high cholesterol. 



January 11, 2015


In a novel research study, a Danish group has found that LDL, the Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterol that we usually associate with heart disease may not be as bad as thought. Instead, a new culprit, called “Ugly” Cholesterol, appears to be tied...

November 1, 2014

In recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, we will post a suite of articles that promote prevention, monitoring, and important issues associated with diabetes including exercise and nutrition. In particular, we will highlight the use of new technologies to help patien...

October 7, 2014

Diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand and have sometimes been referred to as diabesity. New research from Spain points to diabetes and poor metabolic control as factors leading to low levels of magnesium in patients that are obese. With over 48% of patients showin...

August 7, 2014

Educators are constantly looking for new avenues to reach students at all levels. A powerful way to bring new concepts to students is through games and rewards. Given that games bring learning experiences through active engagement, they often provide rewards for these...

June 21, 2014



A recent study of a large population of Italian diabetics found that the level and quality of care resulted in better outcomes. While this message is not surprising, specific details in how this is done are not always apparent. This particular study followed over 30,...

March 1, 2014

Larry Magid published an insightful commentary that highlights the benefits of electronic records as well as some of the shortfalls. Once medical records are in a digital form, transmission, storage, searching and filtering becomes much easier for hospital personnel. H...

February 19, 2014

There is often a lot of confusion associated with electronic medical record terminology since phrases and acronyms have emerged to mean different things but are frequently used interchangeably or incorrectly. Here we identify some important distinctions but we encourag...

November 15, 2013

To eat fat or not? If you find yourself not knowing how to choose your dairy in the grocery store, you are not alone. The confusion lies in part because the scientific literature constantly seems to be flipping back and forth, along with the infinite number of dietary...

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Kids, Chronic Disease and Monitoring

March 3, 2015

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