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Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals.

myLifeLog provides an excellent platform to engage patients and their circle of care in maintaining their health records saving doctors substantial time in data entry.

It's all about Saving Time


What if a doctor could save 15 minutes per patient? 


What if the entire patient history was available in a chart before the doctor saw their patient?


What if a summary chart could show the doctor the status of a patient without going through a stack of charts?


Time Savings. myLifeLog is a platform designed to transform the way doctors practice medicine so that they can focus on the exam and patient education while minimizing the paperwork. Our system is meant to complement electronic medical records (EMRs) so that patients are empowered to take care of their health.


Data Collection between Visits. The suite of tools we provide to patients enable them to stay on top of their condition even between visits so that doctors can see what might have happened to change the status of their health.


Coding Justification. With detailed past medical histories that are automatically captured by our system, doctors will be able to account for their coding requirements. This is particularly helpful for chronic problems that require long-term attention and tracking or even for initial evaluations.


Meaningful Use 2.0. With far less time needed to gather detailed symptoms and historical information, doctor can spend more time on the exam and educating their patient about their condition, medications, or procedures. Since myLifeLog is independent of an EMR, doctors at different institutions who are treating the same patient can all be aware of that patient's progress. Finally, doctors will have the ability to communicate with their patient or groups of patients through our messaging.


To fold myLifeLog into your practice, contact us today.



"myLifeLog satisfies a number of Meaningful Use 2.0 requirements."


J Butler, M.D., 


Emory University 

American Heart Assoc.

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