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Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals


Saving time is perhaps the greatest benefit that myLifeLog brings to the busy rounds of doctors. Prefilled charts can give doctors an instant snapshot of their patient's continuum of care.


Understanding what happens between doctor visits to change the health status of a patient is perhaps the second most important requirement needed to accurately diagnose a condition or modify a treatment.



The Need for Personal Health Records


While Electronic Medical Records serve a purpose, there is ample need for patients to own and manage their own records. Studies have shown that when patients set goals and track their progress, they have a much greater chance of boosting their outcomes. 

Clinical Studies


Establishing the efficacy of new drugs and treatments requires stringent testing, screening, and record keeping.  When determining dose-frequency protocols researchers need a clear understanding of all the factors that contribute to variations in drug efficacy.


myLifeLog offers a new opportunity for researchers to have comprehensive patient histories and logs of chronic symptoms available to them in real time.



Corporate Wellness Programs


When poor health affects human productivity, then poor health affects the bottom line.


As wellness programs become common place, managers are looking for ways to help their employees keep up their health maintenance through good eating and exercise habits while managing the stress of every day work. Using myLifeLog, employees can keep track of their progress in meeting their health goals.


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Health & Safety


For some companies, there is no room for error. So it is safe to say that there is not a single company that does not want to reduce on-site accidents to zero. 


Healthy employees result in workers that are more energetic and alert on the job which translates into better productivity and better insurance ratings.


myLifeLog has a unique platform that complements health and safety programs and brings additional benefits through our Medical Access Card (MAC).



Travel and Travel Insurance


The Medical Access Card (MAC) by myLifeLog is a perfect companion for anyone traveling locally or internationally. In the event of an emergency, user health and contact information is readily available on a smart phone to a first responder or medic.


While many individuals carry travel insurance, the MAC can help to reduce medical errors when visiting a foreign city or port, traveling on a cruise ship, or receiving treatment in a new hospital. It's a great complement to any

travel insurance program.





The Medical Access Card (MAC) is perfect for professional or amateur sporting events alike. Should adverse events happen and an athlete is pulled off the field of play, the MAC is a reliable approach to ensuring that consistent health and contact information is available to the attending medics, whether in an ambulance or hospital.


Accurate health information can be even more critical in places where incidents occur far from home or where individuals are unable to communicate their health concerns.



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