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The Medical Access Card

for Athletes


The Medical Access Card (MAC) is an ideal service for sporting events where an athlete's critical contact and health information is just a click away. Whether it's a fun run or a triathlon, we've got you covered.


Each athlete in a sporting event is given a unique QR and URL on a wallet-sized card for medics to access secure, read-only information that contains emergency contact details and pertinent health information including allergies, medications, recent surgeries and other health data. To ensure your privacy, we track every first responder or medic who views your records.


Whenever changes are made in the personal health record, like medications or health insurance information, updates are automatically accessible via the MAC. 

Competitive Events,

Fun Runs, and Walkathons


The MAC is perfect for professional or amateur sporting events alike. When adverse events happen and an athlete is pulled off the field of play, the MAC is a reliable approach to ensuring that consistent health and contact information is available to the attending medics, whether in an ambulance or hospital.

Contact us to see how to role this service into your next event.

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