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Travel and Travel Insurance

The Medical Access Card

for World Travelers


The Medical Access Card (MAC) by myLifeLog is a perfect companion for anyone traveling locally or internationally. In the event of an emergency, user health and contact information is readily available on a smart phone to a first responder or medic.


For Individuals.The MAC is a perfect complement to carry with a driver's license or ID card. Having all the health and contact information available when visiting a foreign port, hospital, or on a cruise ship, will help doctors to treat a patient right the as soon as possible.


Travel Insurance. While many individuals carry travel insurance, the MAC can help to reduce medical errors when visiting a foreign city or port, traveling on a cruise ship, or receiving treatment in a new hospital. Having all your vital information available at your fingertips will help doctors provide the right treatment the first time.


Even if the MAC card is lost or stolen, individual records are never compromised. We track every first responder or anyone who views your records to ensure your privacy.


The MAC should be part of everyone's travel insurance plan.


Got a trip planned? Then don't wait, contact your travel agent and ask them to sign you up.

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